The Baker

I grew up baking: ¬†helping my mom pour sugar, crack eggs, shape cookies, frost cakes. And, of course, wash the dishes. I started baking on my own in eighth grade, selling fudge and cookies for fundraisers and competing in the county fair. In college, I started reading food blogs, baking with vegan friends, and occasionally taking work shifts in the dining hall’s industrial bakery. After college, I worked as the sole baker for a local coffeehouse for a few months, where the most popular items on the shelf were usually whichever variety of scone I had chosen to make that day.

Over the years, I’ve had many requests to share recipes and teach friends more about baking. I envision this blog as part recipe book, part baking journal, and part repository for useful baking information. I write posts as I bake and/or as I have free time. Photos, site maintenance, editing, and sou chef assistance are all contributed by my good friend C. We hope you find this blog to be useful and entertaining, and welcome any feedback you may have for us!

2 Responses to “The Baker

  • Alison Liu
    11 years ago

    Sara this is so cool! I love the recipes that you’ve posted- will be trying one sometime

  • Sara, have you tried any gluten-free delectable delights yet? Great blog!

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